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Thinking of getting a BMW  Remap?

BMW Remap – The process of remapping BMW ECU’s has and can be complex and tedious. The traditional means of removing the ECU (Engine Control Unit) and opening it to make changes to the mapping could be risky due to the complexity of modern electronics. Also with some vehicles having modifications made to the fuel, air and exhaust systems, repeated tweaks to the mapping would involve ECU removal and opening each time, proving to be costly.

But…fear not, as we have a new piece of kit that just might help you!

The newest addition to the SCM Remaps range of equipment is the Magic Motorsport Magpro V3. This new equipment allows us to access most BMW F Series ECU’s through the OBD port (On-Board Diagnostics). What this means is that the ECU does not have to be removed and opened, saving time and effort on doing it manually. This is not only more convenient and less intrusive to the ecu, but also reduces the cost of getting a BMW remap.

BMW Remap / Tuning – Why should you consider remapping your vehicle?

When vehicles are manufactured they are intended for distribution worldwide and the ECU’s mapping has to deal with a variety of fuel quality and environmental conditions. This tends to not seeing the best that can be achieved from the current engine setup in the car. By having an optimised map for the engine provides better overall performance and generally better fuel economy also.

With our new equipment the process could not be easier, with most BMW’s now being able to tune via the OBD port, our calibrated tune will leave you with a truly exhilarating drive that we are sure you’ll be pleased with.

VAG Diesel Cars

The majority of VAG (Volkswagen AG) diesel platforms can benefit from our newest equipment now also, as we are able to roll back to previous engine ecu software versions, as the recent Emissions dieselgate Update is causing issues with some VAG cars. In most cases this can resolve any issues caused by the update.

We will be happy to help you with any questions or queries you may have about the process and look forward to booking you in to get your BMW tuned with us.

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