About Us

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About SCM Remaps

SCM Remaps are one of the leading South Wales Remapping specialists. We are located in Cross Hands Business Park behind Leekes and with being right on the M4 corridor this makes it easy for our customers to get to us.

SCM Remaps are a family run business and we have worked in the motor industry for more than 30 years for main dealers and private garages, we have a very sound knowledge on most vehicles engine and abs management systems fitted to them to enable us to deal with your car in the best way possible.

SCM Remaps Opening Times

Monday – Friday 8:30am – 5:00pm

Saturday 8:30am – 12:30pm

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Meet The Team At SCM Remaps


Meet The Team!

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Ella & Azzy – Security Doggos

Ella – on the left, and Azzy – on the right, are our resident workshop dogs!
Ella freeroams the workshops and car park making sure everyone behaves, but give her some attention and she’ll be your best friend. Azzy loves nothing more than to sunbathe around the side of the workshop and to give a shout out every once in a while.

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Simon Clark – Director

Simon qualified as a Peugeot ‘Master technician’ in his 20’s and has also been a Service Manager for a busy Peugeot dealership as well as working for Citroen before deciding to start his own business in 2012. Simon has been remapping cars for many years and knows all there is to know about car mapping. If you have a question about your car and would like any technical advice, please feel free to ask Simon, he will be happy to help with any enquiries and will provide you with honest and practical advice.

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Daniel Clark – Senior Technician

Daniel is a fully trained Peugeot technician with NVQ level 3 and came in to the business July 2014 after working for Peugeot for 5 years. Daniel is a keen car enthusiast and is working on a drift car project. Daniel’s current project car is a BMW E46 330 ci for drifting. Daniel is learning from the best, his father about car mapping techniques and will be happy to answer any questions you may have on terracleaning, car remapping, TDI tuning boxes and other motor related queries.

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Paula Clark – Accounts & Administrator

Paula has always been involved in the business, but officially joined the family business in 2017. Paula is the glue that holds the paper work side of the business together.

Paula has years of administrative experience and dealing with customers / accounts. Paula also assists with the marketing of SCM Remaps by regularly managing the website, social media and email marketing to keep customers up to date with the latest news from SCM Remaps.

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Kirsty Hogg – Social Media & Customer Relations

Kirsty joined us back in 2019 to help us with our Social Media Presence and to assist customer queries and questions.
With a keen interest in cars Kirsty can help to guide you in the right direction and find out what we could be doing to improve your vehicle. 

Kirsty regularly maintains the website and Social Media pages to keep you up to date with all of the latest news from SCM Performance

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Alex Bierley – Vehicle Technician

Alex joined us in 2021 as a university student studying in Swansea. Alex has been a massive help to us since having him on board, with a vast knowledge of vehicle mechanics and the motivation to get things done. 

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Missy – Workshop Chatterbox

Missy joined us in 2020 after Kirsty decided to get her own dog. Missy although tiny, has the loudest bark of any pupper you’ll ever hear. Remember to bring your headphones if you want to keep your hearing!

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Refer A Friend

We have many happy customers who have also been referring their friends and family to us, so have a look at what we can offer and give us a call for a friendly chat on what you’d like us to do for you or click on the contact button to send a message.

We are available at the workshop on 01269 842030 to answer any questions you may have between Mon to Fri: 8:30am – 5:00pm and Sat: 8:30am to 1:00pm.

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