Remap FAQ’s

Remapping - your questions answered

Will remapping invalidate my warranty?

Technically, modifying any part of a car can invalidate some or all elements of a manufacturer or approved used warranty. In most cases however, no physical modification will be made to your ECU as the remap can be uploaded via the OBD port. However while a car is under warranty and returning to a main dealer for service and updates, there is a possibility your map could be overwritten and lost. 

Can the remap software be uninstalled?

Selling your car? We can completely reverse the process for a small service charge should you wish to have your remap removed. Similarly, if your car loses the remap software due to a software upgrade at the main dealer, we can reinstall it for you.

Should I tell my insurance company?

It is a legal requirement to tell your insurance company if you modify your car in any way. Some insurance companies will not penalise you for remapping your car.

Will remapping my car increase fuel consumption?

Most customers experience anywhere from 3 to 8 mpg better fuel consumption after remapping when driven in an economical fashion.  

What is the difference between chipping and remapping?

Remapping is done by uploading modified software on to an ECU of a car, normally via the OBD port. Some Ecus will also have to be opened to remap as an original file may have to be read then altered and written back this way. Chipping is a process that was mainly done on pre 2000 cars which didn't have an OBD port. This involved opening up the ECU and de-soldering the EPROM from the ECU circuit board, before rewriting that EPROM and soldering it back on.

Tuning box VS remap?

A tuning box is a good alternative option to remapping, especially suitable for vehicles in warranty or on lease as it can be fitted or removed in minutes without trace and therefore not cause warranty issues. It works by modifying the signal from the fuel pressure sensor and boost pressure sensor sending the modified data back to the engine ECU, altering the turbo pressure and fuelling for the engine.

The remap option alters all maps that are available to be modified in the ECU map, for example, fuel at part throttle, fuel at acceleration, fuel rail pressure, turbo pressure, turbo overboost, torque limiters and much more.

My car has anti-remapping software, can it be mapped?

Later vehicles built in the second half of 2009, like Audi, BMW and Vauxhall, have anti-tuning blocks on them that prevent a remap from being uploaded via the OBD socket. This can, however, still be done by removing the ECU and uploading directly to the ECU chip itself but as this method requires different equipment and more time, it does therefore cost more.