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The SCM BMW E46 

As some of you may know from seeing the blue BMW 330i about our place, we are into drifting. Having got the bug from a drift day at Pembrey circuit with Drift-Inc at Pembrey in 2015, we bought a BMW 330i Clubsport that had been stripped and converted for drift, but all was done very basic. This is now an ongoing project of ours which is seeing it change from it's early state, quite a basic 230 bhp 330i to a 500 bhp competition drift animal.

Now in 2019 the 2JZ Bug has gone around with myself catching it too. With a Brand new paint job of green and purple, teamed up with major graphics the car is looking better than ever. Using link ECU in my car with my 2JZ engine I'm hoping to expand my knowledge of engines and my experience behind the wheel. 

To date the car has been fitted with;

  • Corbeau bucket seats
  • Link Extreme ECU
  • IRP modified lower arms
  • HSD monopros coil over set
  • Ultra racing strut braces
  • Goodridge brakelines
  • Welded 3.38 rear differential
  • GReddy Induction kit
  • Drift works hydraulic handbrake
  • 2JZ engine and upgraded gearbox mounts
  • Wide Body Kit
SCM Remaps South Wales 330i 2JZ BMW Swansea mapping drift performance car
SCM Remaps 330i 2JZ BMW Swansea Engine Bay Mapping Car performance
SCM Remaps 330i 2JZ BMW Swansea Engine Bay Mapping Car
SCM Remaps Mapping South Wales 2JZ Engine
SCM Remaps Swansea Mapping BMW 330i 2JZ Swansea
SCM Drift car at pembrey circuit