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OBD  Stage 1 Remapping: From £195

OBD Stage 1 Remap/Dyno: From £265

Bench Remapping Stage 1: From £260

Bench Remap/ Dyno Stage 1: From £340

APR Engine ecu remaps P.O.A

APR DSG ecu remaps P.O.A

Specialist Dyno Tuning: From £350

DPF Regeneration: From £80

DPF Cleaning: From £220

DPF Software correction: From £120

EGR Correction (Software): From £120

EGR Cleaning: From £150

​Terraclean: From £110

Petrol Induction Cleaning: From £80

Dyno Runs: From £55 (discounts for multiple cars booked or for Dyno days)

Dyno Hire From £ P.O.A

Air Conditioning: From £40

Servicing: From £100

​(Please Note That All Prices Include VAT)